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Computer Interface for Snap Circuits

Computer Interface for Snap Circuits

  • 1995

The CI-73 uses your computer's sound card as an oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer so you can "see" the electronic signals created with your Snap Circuits SC-300 or SC-500 set.

The Snap Circuits PC1 - PC73 Instruction Manual (not included) shows you build over 73 BONUS PROJECTS using your Windows-based PC (32 projects require the SC-500). Comes with all of the interface parts you need and the software. Great for introducing electronics through a computer. Acts as a scope and allows you to see the signals in the circuit.

This is the same software INCLUDED with the SC750 and the UC60, UC70 and UC80 Upgrade kits,
Brand: Elenco Electronics
Brand Part Number: CI-73
Our Part Number: h4931

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