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I/O Voltage Translator Board

I/O Voltage Translator Board

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The Voltage Translator Board is an accessory board that performs level conversion of a 5V interface (I/O24 or microcontroller) to a 3V3 or lower interface. This board can be connected to a single port on Elexols IO24 Controller Range.

The board consists of two 74LVC4245 Bus Transceivers that are used for the level conversion. Each device is configured for a set level conversion of either 5V to 3V3 or 3V3 to 5V for a single 8 bit port.

The jumpers on the board are used to route the direction of the signal for the voltage translation. Each jumper needs to be configured in the correct direction for the board to operate. 5V IN to 3V3 OUT and 3V3 IN to 5V OUT.

The connection between the IO24 Controller Module and the Voltage Translator board is via a 30 cm IDC connection cable. This cable is provided with the board.

The board has been designed to a 72mm standard width so that it can easily be mounted in DIN rail mounting modules.
Brand: Elexol Pty Ltd
Brand Part Number: IOVOLTAGE
Our Part Number: h4713

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