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Shadow Chassis

Shadow Chassis

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The Shadow Chassis is a marvelously durable and modular robot platform from RobotZone. The chassis plates and mounts are cut from ABS plastic and utilize the Actobotics 0.77" and 1.50" hub patterns for sensors, controllers, power, etc. Simply snap each panel together and you’ll be able to attach your motors and favorite robotics controller. With the included “snap on” micro-controller mounts, you can attach an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, SparkFun RedBoard, or SparkFun RedBot Mainboard! This kit even has a mounting hole for a standard size servo as well as a 4xAA battery holder with barrel jack termination.

Unlike its predecessor, the Shadow Chassis does not require you to use any additional tools. Everything snaps soundly into place!

Note: The Shadow Chassis does require assembly. You can find detailed instructions in the Documents section below.

Dimensions: 196mm L x 126mm W x 44mm H (53.25mm w/ Nub Caster)

Kit Includes:

  • 1x Top Chassis Plate
  • 1x Bottom Chassis Plate
  • 2x Front Motor Mount
  • 2x Rear Motor Mount
  • 4x Side Strut
  • 2x Encoder Mount
  • 2x Micro-Controller Mount
  • 1x Battery Pack Clip
  • 1x Line Follower Mount
  • 1x Line Follower Mount Plate
  • 1x Nub Caster
  • 1x 4xAA Battery Holder


Brand: Sparkfun
Brand Part Number: ROB-13301
Our Part Number: h6005


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