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3D Printers and Supplies

4XXX Series Logic ICs

74XX/AC/HC Series Logic ICs.

AC Adapters / Wall Transformers

AC Adapters, Battery Holders & Power Connectors

Activity Kits for Kids

Activity Kits for Teens and Adults

Analog to Digital Converters (ADC)


Arduino Accessories

Arduino I/O Boards

Arduino Robot Kits

Arduino Shields

Arduino Starter Sets

Audio Amplifiers and Effects

Audio and Video Cables

Audio Connectors

AVR Microcontrollers & Programmers


Bachmann Accessories

Bachmann HO Electric Train Sets

Bachmann HO Nickle-Silver E-Z Track

Bachmann HO Steel E-Z Track

Bachmann HO Thomas and Friends Electric Train Sets

Bachmann N Electric Train Sets

Basic Stamp Books

Basic Stamp Modules and Starter Kits


Battery Holders

BEAM Robot Kits

Bluetooth Communications

Book Project Parts


Bridge Street Toys Girder and Panel Building Sets

Building Kits

Building Materials



Car and Truck Models

Carbon Film 1/4w Resistors

Carbon Film 1/8w Resistors

Ceramic Disc Capacitors

Ceramic Monolithic Capacitors

Communications ICs

Connector Boards

Continuous Rotation Servos

Counters, Timers and Sensors


DC Motors

Development Modules (Hard to Classify)

Diodes and Rectifiers

Displays and Annunciators

Distance Sensors

Drivers and Optocouplers

Education and Fun

Electrolytic Capacitors

Electronic Kits

Electronics Fundamentals

Electronics Learning Kits

Electronics Parts

Engino Building Sets

Erector Building Sets

Ethernet Interface Modules

Female Header for Wire Connection

Female PCB Receptacle for Headers

fischertechnik Spare Parts


Games & Other Fun Stuff

Geared DC Motors (Assembled)

Geared DC Motors (Kit)

Gift Guide



GPS, IMU, Compass and Accelerometer Sensors

H-Bridge ICs

Hand Tools


Header / IDC Ribbon Cables


Hex 4-40 Aluminum Standoffs

Hex 6-32 Aluminum Standoffs

Hookup Wire: 22 Gauge Solid

Hookup Wire: 22 Gauge Stranded

Hookup Wire: 22 Gauge Stranded (Topcoated)

Hookup Wire: 24 Gauge Solid

Hookup Wire: 24 Gauge Stranded

Hookup Wire: 26 Gauge Stranded

IC Sockets & Heat Sinks


IR and Light Sensors

IR LEDs, Detectors and Sensor Modules

Large Size Servos

Learning About Alternate Energy and Conservation

Learning About Nature

Learning Biological Sciences

Learning Electronics

Learning Magnetics

Learning Physics and Chemistry

Learning Robotics

LED Accessories

LEDs and Photodetectors

LilyPad E-Textiles


Machine Screws, Nuts and Washers Size 4

Machine Screws, Nuts and Washers Size 6

Machine Screws, Nuts and Washers Size M1.6

Machine Screws, Nuts and Washers Size M1.7

Machine Screws, Nuts and Washers Size M2

Machine Screws, Nuts and Washers Size M3

Magnet Wire


Metal Film 1w Resistors

Metal Frame


Microcontroller Programmers


Military Aircraft Models

Military Vehicles Models

Model Railroading

Mold Making and Casting Material

Mold Making Materials

Motor and Servo Control

Motor Controllers


Movie Theme Models

Non-Programmable Robot Soldering Kits

OpAmps, Comparators and Timers

Other Connectors

Other Hand Tools

Other Hardware Items

Other Header Components

Other ICs

Other Parts

Other Sensors

Other Specialty LEDs

Other Supplies

Other Test Equipment


PCB Male Headers



Physics and Other Basic Sciences

PIC Microcontrollers & Programmers

PIC Processors

PIC Processors

PIC Programmers

PIC Programmers by Micro Engineering Labs

PIC Programming Software

PIC Prototyping Boards

Plastic Casting Materials

Plastic Models

Plastic Spacers

Pliers and Wire Cutters



Power Supplies

Power Tools

Programmable Robot Kits

Programmable Robot Soldering Kits

Project Boxes

Propeller Modules and Starter Kits


Prototyping SMT by Schmartboard

Radio Control R/C

Rasberry Pi

Resin Dyes & Metal Powders

Resin Fillers

Resistor Networks

Resistors and Potentiometers

RF Data Transfer / Modem Modules

Robot Bases

Robot Kits



Round 4-40 Aluminum Standoffs

Round 6-32 Aluminum Standoffs

SchmartBoard Prototyping Boards for Chip Scale (QFN) Packages

SchmartBoard Prototyping Boards for Other Packages

SchmartBoard Prototyping Boards for PLCC Packages

SchmartBoard Prototyping Boards for SO / SOP Packages

Scientific Models

Screw Terminals (PCB)


Screws, Nuts & Bolts



Servo Brackets

Servo Cables

Servo Repair Parts


Seven Segment Display Modules

Sheet Metal Screws

Single Component Breakout Boards

Small Size Servos

Snap Circuit Battery Parts

Snap Circuit Conductors

Snap Circuit Electromagnetic Parts

Snap Circuit IC, Transiistor and Diode Parts

Snap Circuit Kits

Snap Circuit Manuals and Books

Snap Circuit Motor Parts

Snap Circuit Other Parts

Snap Circuit Passive Parts

Snap Circuit Student Training Kits

Snap Circuit Upgrade Packages

Snap Circuits

Solar Cells And Education Kits

Solar Powered Toy Robot Kits

Soldering Accessories

Soldering Equipment and Supplies

Soldering Irons

Soldering Supplies

Soldering Tool Sets

Solderless Breadboards & Wires

Special Shapes

Standard Size Servos

Standoffs and Spacers

Stepper Motors


Super Capacitors


Switches and Relays

Switches and Relays

Tantalum Capacitors

Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Test and Service Equipment

Test Equipment

Test Leads and Jumpers

Tiny DC Motors

Tool Sets


Toy Robot Building Kits

Toy Robot Kits For More Experienced Builders

Toy Robot Kits For New Builders

Transistors & FETs

USB Cables

USB Interface Modules

USB, Web & Memory Card Interfaces

Visible Light LEDs

Voltage Regulators

Voltage Triggers


WiFi Communications

Wire and Cable

Wireless Communications

XBee Interface Modules

XBee Radio Modules